what a strange world do we live in?

What a strange world do we live in?

All those strange people one meets and talks to on a day, you may assume the world in its reproduction of species and thus of new genes got out of control. The conceitedness, vanity, vainness and selfishness is taking over in some places. Worst of all and especially when people come to learn, should learn and need to learn, they will be as self-conscious as seldom before which gives them such a ridiculous glow of nothingness while, instead, if they just continued to learn they might shimmer and shine by presenting the recently learned in perfection and precision.

Most ridiculous of all is the conscios wrong-doing to prove one knows better or at least different and as good as one’s teacher. A really wise way to get popular throughout the other students or between teachers.

It is this type of character that teachers detest, students hate and such people still are too proud of themselves to realize how awfully unwelcome they are.

And the most horrible fact ist, that it is those people who succeed in life as noone dares to tell ghem off and, instead, deals with this person in humorous way. Some people even end in „Kind-of liking“ such persons….
What a strange world do we live in?

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