Soundtrack of my life

This is just a funny game for a boring afternoon but you might want to try it. I found it on the internet and I’m sure there are a hundred versions of this. The rules are as follows:

1. open iTunes, Windows Media Player, Songbird or any other music device you are using.

2. chose a playlist with ALL your songs in it.

3. activate random play

4. start listening to your Soundtrack. The tracks are in the following order (I post my results with it.

1. Opening Credits: When I fall in Love – Celine Dion                – well, could be worse.

2. Waking up: Don’t be afraid – Moonman           – I think I fell out of bed that particular morning

3. first day at school: Barra – cosmic gate

4. Falling in love: breathe easy – blue

5. Fight song: leaving New York – R.E.M.           – fighting in mute and slow motion, I can so imagine it

6. Breaking up: Fallen Leaves – Billy Talent

7. Prom: Just around the corner – cock robin

8. Life:  Kling Glöckchen – Rolf Zuckowski      – Mein Ponyhof existiert doch!

9. Mental Breakdown: Schiff Ahoi – Hartmut Höfele     -this might cause a mental Breakdown, very true!

10. Driving far away: Zurück zu dir – Söhne Mannheims

11. Flashback : Blame it on the moon – Katie Melua      -fitting mood

12. Wedding: Stay on these roads – A-HA

13. Birth of child: TikTok – Kesha             -omg, I should never get kids…

14. Final Battle: I like it rough – Lady Gaga

15. Death Scene: Miss Chatelaine

16. Funeral Song: Dance with somebody- Mando Diao               -well at least it’s about dancing…

17. End Credit: tombe la neige           – I like that one :)

Try it, cause it’s just a worth a laugh! :)


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